General Questions (12)

1. Why should I have my wedding filmed?
Having your wedding filmed documents the lost emotions and joy that cannot be told through photographic lenses. It captures sounds, and images that helps you to relive the moment time and time again. Brides tell us all the time, that when they see their wedding video, they see things that they overlooked on the actual day, ie. Cocktail hour as they were too busy taking photographs. A wedding video is a must-have for couples that want to share their special day with family and friends, and savor the memories.
2. How do you approach filming my wedding?
Our approach to filming a wedding is to capture all the necessary shots to tell a story, in a very discreet and inconspicuous way. We believe in being “invisible” and to assist us with that, our crew dresses in smart and professional attire, allowing them to blend in. If you are totally “Camera-Shy”, have no fear, you won’t even notice when you are being filmed due to the charismatic nature of our team.
3. What is the difference between cinematography and videography?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions and it is pretty simple. Cinematography is the art of using video, audio and music in a creative way to tell a story. For example, your eight (8) hour event might be condensed into a luxurious fifteen (15) minute story. Videography on the other hand is just shooting a simple recording from beginning to end, with all sequences and events played out in full length in the exact order they took place.
4. How many years of experience do you have?
The team at Production Box has a wealth of knowledge spanning over twelve (12) years of experience in Television Industry. We specialize in: Television Commercials, Live Shows, Corporate Videos, Special Features and Documentaries. The team possesses uniquely invaluable experience unmatched by others.
5. How would you describe your video style?
Our style of filming is very cinematic – this means, we utilize various technologies and techniques, all combined together to achieve the look and feel of that of a feature film.
6. What equipment do you use?
We use the latest high definition (HD) video cameras available to capture the best picture quality.
7. Do you use lighting equipment?
Lighting is always an important factor for any event as without lighting it is impossible to film anything. While lighting is important, we try our best to avoid using any form of artificial lighting, as it can be very distracting and appear quite “ugly and bulky” to that meticulous planner. Investing in the latest cameras, allows us to capture your environment as you saw it with your every own eyes.
8. Will you attend the rehearsal?
The rehearsal is not included in our wedding packages but can be facilitated upon request at an additional cost.
9. How far will you travel to film a wedding, and what is your travel fee?
Production Box is a Kingston, Jamaica based company and will do weddings within the Kingston region at no additional cost. Any wedding outside of Kingston will attract a flat fee of US$100, which will take care of our transportation fees. Overnights and weddings outside of the island will attract Hotel and Airline fees which are not covered in our Wedding Packages.
10. How soon will my wedding video be ready and by what method are they delivered?
Four (4) weeks after filming you will receive an online link with password, to review and make any necessary changes you see fit. All finished products are available online so that it is easy to share with family and friends as well as on a DVD. Additional DVDS are available upon request at an additional cost. DVDs are not the only method via which we present our final product. It can be made available on a company 4GB USB Thumb drive or even on a Blu-Ray disc, which will come at an additional cost.
11. Is there a deposit required and do we need to sign a contract?
We require a signed contract along with US$200, which is non-refundable to secure your date. The US$200 will be used as part payment of final video unless wedding has been cancelled. A 50% deposit must be paid before filming commences (at least two weeks prior) and the balance due upon completion.
12. Are you only shooting our wedding during that day or will you have other engagements that day?
We value all our customers and treat everyone equally. Once you have booked us, we are with you for the entire period. Our team will not be leaving to film anything else and return. The team that shows up to your event will be with you from start until time slated to end.