Hello Boys and Girls! Haven’t written a blog that I’m actually excited about in a while….

How cool would it be, to be out in the field, shoot a clip and post straight to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter Account? Well with the new SonyA7s and Play Memories app it’s all possible.

I must admit, with Near Field Communication and WIFI built into the camera, I have been sending pictures straight to my smartphone and found it cool, BUT then, I kept on seeing Philip Bloom posting videos and I was like….huh? He was even coloring and grading them ON HIS SMARTPHONE, I was like wtf??

I tried everything, searched high and low and didn’t really find much information what was I doing wrong? Only found comments where people say it’s Play Memories App, in my mind I was saying BUT I HAVE THATS…whats am I not doing?!?! 

So here is the trick of the trade, we love our SonyA7s especially because it shoots S-Log and its absolutely amazing to color and grade….However, when shooting in this format, you will NOT see your video clips appear in your Play Memories Mobile app. To transfer videos to your smart phone using the app, you have to shoot using AVCHD or MP4 format, once you do this, you will then see the videos clips appear on your smartphone and you are ready to copy and post! WAHLA!

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