The White Jacket Effect

The White Jacket Effect

We are videographers and by no means fashion experts. Our views and opinions really don't matter, after all, we are just hired help...but when it comes to the nitty-gritty details of your finished movie, our opinions do matter. And whether you like it or not, it's our job to make sure our Brides (and Grooms) look as lovely as possible. This means, easy on the tears; like seriously. Please remember that it's our obligation to edit (out) the part where our Bride sounds like she has hiccups simultaneously while crying, or the part where the pastor faints (no, I never said the bride, you read correctly...the pastor) and so on. With that our job is to show only that which is good, special and chosen to remember.

This blog however is not to highlight the hard work it takes to make your finished movie, but is about focusing on one simple "simple" wardrobe malfunction that we CANNOT edit (out), in the post-production process, and this we shall call the "The White Jacket Effect".

I'm not sure what changed in the fashion industry and definitely not up to date with haute couture but we've been victims of this for the last two years.

Ladies, we all love a man dressed in a suit, especially if he's the one you're about to tie the knot with. Walking down the aisle, steering at your well-dressed soon to be husband, looking super sharp, ohh nothing beats that, you can't even hear the song that you ensured the DJ would play on-cue, to walk into, as your "man" has you distracted. There he is, dressed in his white tuxedo, your father hands you to your husband; he whispers to you "You look absolutely gorgeous". Ohh we love this, it's great for editing. Perfect!

The Wedding continues, vows have been exchanged, and you hear "you may now kiss the bride". YAY, we think to ourselves, this is what makes it all worth it! Our Bride and Groom have started taking photographs, we film a little of the cocktails, we return to their photography session, and then BAM it hits you like bricks, wasn't his jacket white? How are we going to edit (out) the groom from here onwards?? Can we?! Obviously that's a NO! Is he going to change? Will he take off his Jacket maybe? Hmm but the shirt underneath is white as well? Ohh boy! Not much we can do quite frankly Ladies and Gentleman.

Ladies, we all love makeup and no matter how great your makeup artist is, on your big day you will be hugging your Groom, and if he's taller than you, your makeup WILL show on his jacket, and the more you hug is the more it will show. By the time you reach your first dance, makeup is on the left and right shoulder and your Groom doesn't look so dapper anymore. So since we want you both in your wedding video, we are asking grooms and brides, to think about your wardrobe colors on your special day. We find that dark colors tend to conceal these little fashion faux pas.

Again, it's our job to highlight and share the good stuff. We are no fashion experts. Just simple cinematographers who LOVE making great movies.

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