Top 10 Things To Know About Beach Weddings

Top 10 Things To Know About Beach Weddings

We film a lot of destination weddings here in Jamaica and as it is, Brides tend to come for the sun, the sea and the sand. Beach weddings can be absolutely gorgeous or it can be a grand disaster. Here are some tips from us here at Production Box to get you ready for your Beach Bash!

1. Its a wedding on a beach, brides DO NOT wear heels. You will only sink in the sand and on your video you will regret how you looked walking gingerly down the aisle holding on to your love one for dear life as you sink with each step.

2. Beach weddings tend to be windy. So this one goes for the bride, the bridal party and guests. Letting your hair out will only find you either dodging the wind by constantly turning in the opposite direction or it will leave you chewing strands of your hair as it blows in your mouth and eyes. Trust me again, you won't be looking too gorgeous in the photographs.

3. Ladies I highly recommend you keep the makeup light and chic, your makeup will compete with your sweat to see who can run off your face the fastest...#notcool.

4. Beach Weddings tend to get very Hot. In the summer Jamaica can experience temperatures up to 96degrees Fahrenheit. So to my grooms and guest please bare this in mind when you decide to take shots the night before, that you will find yourself very dehydrated the next day, so my advice to you would be to ensure your wedding planner has a lot of water on standby.

5. Guest: chances are your bride might run a little late, ensure you wear something cool and comfortable that you can mix and mingle in but still be fab...after all you're at the beach! Guys, you might want to stay away from those Jackets.

6. Audio! Aha, almost forgot this one. Face it, wind at the beach is inevitable, please bare in mind with the best of audio or sound engineers you've hired you will hear the wind in your wedding video at some point.

7. So Jamaica has a hurricane season which goes from about June to November, which means your beautiful wedding could face dark clouds with lots of rain on the day of. Please...ensure there is a covered area nearby so all members of your party don't end up drenched...that would not be cool.

8. This one is up to your discretion. But at the top of your aisle, maybe consider a canopy, or some form of covering with a little shade. Not only will you be able to look in your loved ones eyes, but you will remain cool. Also,us video people wont mind not having the harsh light caused by the sun being directly overhead which makes our couple look extremely uncomfortable, hot, and eyes being squinted. If you want to opt out of having a canopy at the top, maybe have your beach wedding later in the afternoon when the sun is about to set, its nice and cool, and the wind would died down, remember it's just my silly suggestions.

9. Ahhh...I also make candles, yup check out Laura Alexis Candles...shameless plug...if you plan to accentuate your beach wedding or reception with candles, this can be an epic fail if lanterns are not in place etc. actually maybe consider the battery operated ones that wont be diffused either by the wind or a slight drizzle.

10.Last but not least.. Have fun! You are at the beach! Hello!!! AND you are in Jamaica, get the bar lock and loaded!

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