Love in 24FPS

Love in 24FPS

Capturing your special day in a cinematic way has become one of videos hottest trends, and the folks in the wedding industry are leading the pack. The idea of playing back highlights leading up to the big day during the reception, or, having a unique, edited trailer in less than 24 hours to show-off with family and friends, is the new trend captivating modern day brides. Welcome to the digital revolution!

Hello everyone, my name is Laura McDonald. I’ve been in the television industry for just over 11 years in the capacities of technical director, producer and editor. I started filming weddings for family and friends since I had the ‘hook up on equipment and gear’ about 7 years ago, and let’s say…it’s now our number one service at Production Box. But, the way weddings are now captured is quite different than just pointing and shooting. Cutting edge technology has made bulky equipment and enormous light stands obsolete. Light, efficient and almost invisible have become the order of the day as the operator and the technology become one.

I still have brides asking, Why would I want my wedding filmed, and what’s with all this fancy jargon about “cinematography?  Shout-Outs to my budget savvy bride who still boasts, I have a photographer already, and I don’t need my wedding filmed! May I add a little statistical fact here, 75% of those brides regret not having their wedding day properly covered; just saying… With the advent of social media, are you really going to put on this big day, and really not have anything to show all the friends and family overseas that couldn’t make it? After all, it’s the new millennium.

I used to tease my friends who refused to have their wedding day cinematographed saying, If a picture tells a thousand words, then let’s write your novel. A photograph captures a single frame, that frame does not move, it has no audio… Simply put, it’s just pretty to look at (not knocking down my photographer associates). I think of it this way;  if you had your grand parents wedding album or their wedding video in your possession which one would you more gravitate to?……… My point exactly!

How is this the new digital trend? Photography captures a single image, which is 1 frame while cinematography captures 24 frames. In short, every 1-second of video equals to 24frames - which offers movement and audio; bringing that still image to life.  

Your wedding day, is NOT just a video from start to end in order of the events that took place, it’s now your “love story.” Filming behind the scenes, bride and groom getting dressed, the anticipation, the edginess, the anxiety, all combined in one. Gone are the days of long speeches, with your drunk uncle slobbering congratulations, your day is condensed into a beautiful cinematic movie: establishing shots, time lapses, aerials, details of the décor and more. Imagine, the clicking sound of champagne glasses as your guests begs for another kiss, and your husband whispering in your ear “You look absolutely gorgeous, I love you!” - All memories that will now be immortalized.

Go Book your wedding cinematographer today!

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